Friday, July 13, 2012

New Office Lamp

This morning, I set out to find a new lamp for our office. Last night, I commandeered the old office lamp for use in our bedroom (pictures coming later!). So it left us with only the ceiling fan and ceiling light in the office. Oh, the horror! Don't get me wrong, I love my ceiling fans - especially here in Arizona where I can run ceiling fans on high and keep our thermostat a tad higher...BUT, overhead lighting can be so harsh. So, I love a good lamp.

I came home with this beauty lamp and no real plan as to how I was going to fix it up.

Then, I was catching up on blog reading doing something very important and productive and pinspiration struck! I remembered that my best friend had pinned a pair of gorgeous DIY lamps, and I went running for the hardware store. Seriously, you think I'm kidding, I actually ran through my house I was so excited about this one.

First things first, this shade was disgusting. I started ripping the trim off and dust was flying. And the stain you see above...

So I took the shade outside, after ripping some of the fabric and trim off, and gave it a little spray paint love. Looking back, this wasn't necessary at all, but something in me thought that if you saw through the burlap at all, I'd rather it be white than cream. Yeah, sometimes I'm weird. Just go with it.

Sparky was totally content with my spray painting craziness - he's such a great pup!

I couldn't find Krylon looking glass spray in my hardware store, so I opted for Rustoleum metallic finish in Chrome. After a quick google search in the paint aisle (thank goodness for smartphones), I was confident that it would do pretty much the same thing. So I grabbed a squirt bottle and the spray paint, taped up the lamp, and went to town! I sprayed some water, sprayed some paint, sprayed some water, sprayed some get the point. In the end, this is what I had. The texture is completely like mercury glass, but it is still pretty cool.

I wondered what a mix of black acrylic paint and water would do...if anyone's tried it let me know. I think it would give you the deeper color typically seen in mercury glass.

While the base was drying, I pulled out some burlap from my stash, plugged in the hot glue gun, and tried to contain my giddy self. Here is a good in depth tutorial for covering a lamp shade. But basically, I ran a line of hot glue down the lampshade (perpendicular to the openings), affixed one of the edges of my burlap, continued to wrap and glue, then folded over the opposite edge (to give it a finished look) and glued it down. I trimmed the excess, folded over the edges to the inside of the shade and glued as I went. Burlap was super forgiving to work with - it's a great material if you want to attempt covering your own lampshade!

And after a couple hours, I ended up with this!

Anyone else doing some Pinterest projects this weekend? I'd love to hear all about them!


  1. hahaha I love that you ran through your house. That's awesome! It turned out really cute.

    My pinterest project today was food! (of course). I made this giant chocolate chip cookie for my mom's bday ( with super secret hidden chickpeas! It turned out very yummy!


    1. Liz,

      I love hearing about your healthy food adventures! And when I get to sample them :) I will have to try the cookie, looks delish!