Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Hey, That's My Rawhide!"

This isn't a crafty post or a yummy recipe. Nope, today folks, we are going plain ole' funny story here on the blog! This morning Sparky got to have a play-date with my mom's dog Kiva. The tone for this play-date was set very early in the morning.

Sparky has bounded upstairs. Stairs are so exciting when you don't have them in your own home, and they're such an adventure when you only weight 8.9 pounds! I've chased after him to make sure he doesn't wreak any havoc.

Meanwhile, Kiva walks over to Sparky's kennel and takes a rawhide out.

Sparky comes back downstairs and notices. He promptly marches over and proceeds to steal the rawhide from Kiva.

Sparky, having the puppy attention span he does, walks around downstairs to see what else there is for him to explore. Kiva, seeing her chance, starts chewing on the rawhide once again. Hearing the sound of rawhide being chewed, Sparky bounds over to steal back his rawhide. He chews on it for a few seconds, loses interest, and wanders off again. Kiva sees her opportunity again, and chews on the rawhide. Sparky bounds back over to steal his rawhide from Kiva's grip. And so the story goes a few more times back and forth. Now Sparky has lost interest in his rawhide and instead gained interest in chasing his tail.

Every time Sparky steals the rawhide, poor Kiva just looks at me and lets him take it. She's so good. He's such a brat!

The saga continues...

Thinking I could outsmart one or both of these canines, I grab the second rawhide out of the kennel. See, I saw this coming long before we even left the house and made sure we had two rawhides with us. I gave Kiva the second rawhide, at which Sparky began to lunge out of my arms. I told him he couldn't be selfish and gave him the other rawhide, which appeased him momentarily. For a few fleeting seconds, Sparky was happily gnawing at his rawhide on the couch while Kiva calmly chewed on the floor. Oh, but the Sparky bub is a clever one. It didn't take him long to figure out that Kiva was still chewing on one of his toys. So he leapt from the couch in an attempt to reclaim his territory. do you chew two rawhides at once? don't. You hoard one under your paws while chewing on the other. If Kiva happens to get her paws on the second, you steal it back, leave the first unprotected, and the story begins again...

Finally, there was peace and contentment. Rawhide stealing had ceased and each was happy with what they had been given.

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