Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Acres of Antiques!

This past weekend, Jon and I headed up north for our first anniversary. While driving through Cottonwood, we spotted Larry's Antiques which boasted a full two acres of antiques! We had to stop. We had to. A while after starting to browse, Jon suggested we break for lunch (yes the store was really that big). So we marched next door to Bing's Burger Station and had some amazing chili cheese dogs and the best onion rings of my life! Anyway, back to antiques. We kept hunting and found some amazing treasures.

Up first, a Radio Flyer No. 8 Ride-Along.

Clearly needs a little TLC, okay, a whole lotta TLC. It's in rough shape. We actually went back for this one today.

Treasure No. 2: A pedal car, again in need of some TLC. This is where I start talking about how I'm going to be looking for someone to do some restoration work. Or else, I'll be checking out some books on restoration. I'm always up for a little DIY adventure, but I am also ok with trusting a professional!

Up next, a gumball/candy machine. Not totally sure where this baby will end up, but it was definitely a steal!

Treasure No. 4: A child's desk. I've known that I always wanted a child's desk at some point. I absolutely fell in love with this one when I laid eyes on it. Since the owner was willing to do a deal (we were buying multiple pieces), I was able to bring it home with me. It needs to be repainted and the wood probably needs to be refinished, but it's such a cute piece!

And last but certainly not least, a vintage Radio Flyer scooter. In pretty good shape, minus the bent back wheel and missing training wheel. Definitely a fun find!

So that was our haul from Cottonwood! We have some projects ahead of us, but we are loving our treasures.

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