Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Triple Knock Out!

Today was a project kind of day, a three project kind of day to be exact. I have been feeling the need to get projects finished lately, so a crafting sort of day was just what I needed.

For quite some time (about a year) I've been wanting to do something with our map from Costa Rica. Jon planned a wonderful surprise honeymoon to destination Costa Rica! Since we rented a car while we were there (our resort was 3 hours from San Jose), we needed a map to get around. It was such a fun and memorable trip, that I wanted to use our map somehow, but in a cool and useful way. I'd been searching Pinterest (where else?!) for map projects when I came across these pretty little things.

Perfect! I went to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore in search of tiles for the project and found some for $0.15 each! This project cost a total of $0.60 - makes my thrifty heart sing. I simply turned my map over (so the big map was face down), positioned my tile where I wanted it, traced around the tile, cut it out, and used Mod Podge to affix it to the tile.

I found that if I wanted to capture a certain part of the map (like the city we stayed in), it was easier to hold the map up with the tile behind it in the direction of a window. Then I could see the outline of the tile and what exactly would be on that coaster.

I am going to add little felt pieces to the bottom, so they don't scratch the furniture, but I'm really pleased with how they turned out!

I am a big fan of reusing glass bottles and jars - BIG fan! I did the candy corn bottles for fall, the snow bottles for Christmas, and now I have a Fourth of July arrangement too. Total cost of this project = $2.50! I had the spray paint on hand, so I thoroughly cleaned my bottles, sprayed them their respective colors, and let them dry. I ran to the dollar store for red carnation bouquets and some floral foam for the white jar. I cut my bouquets down a little, so they were the right height. To cut the bouquets, I used regular scissors on the plastic then just bent the wire to snap it. I used some burlap I already had to create a band around the jar.

This will definitely be a nice sight to see every time I come in the door.

The last project I finished really just involved moving furniture into place since I'd painted everything the last two nights. I picked up these chairs at a garage sale (I think I paid $10 or $15 for both). The lady I bought them from knew the Monti family and the chairs came out of one of their restaurants. When I first bought them, I removed their cushions and painted them a bright raspberry pink color. We moved them to the new house, but husband wasn't a huge fan of the pink. I was going to donate them, when inspiration struck. Well, more accurately inspiration struck after I finished the table for $2.00 from ASU surplus store.

So here's how the whole thing came together. I used Mod Podge and a whole bunch of pages from my craft book to cover the table. By the way, I totally remember these tables from outside the Memorial Union! Then I spray painted over a lace placemat in a couple spots. Then I spray painted my pink chairs this lovely navy blue. Besides running out of spray paint halfway through the second chair, this project was so easy!

The table and chairs definitely complete the nook area off our master bedroom. For now, we'll have to settle for sitting out there early in the morning or really late at night. No way I'll be pulling myself up at that table in the 112 degree heat! Speaking of the heat, this is how we're handling it around here. Yep, holed up inside with all the fans on (trying not to turn the AC down too low)

Hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday and the first official day of summer!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Acres of Antiques!

This past weekend, Jon and I headed up north for our first anniversary. While driving through Cottonwood, we spotted Larry's Antiques which boasted a full two acres of antiques! We had to stop. We had to. A while after starting to browse, Jon suggested we break for lunch (yes the store was really that big). So we marched next door to Bing's Burger Station and had some amazing chili cheese dogs and the best onion rings of my life! Anyway, back to antiques. We kept hunting and found some amazing treasures.

Up first, a Radio Flyer No. 8 Ride-Along.

Clearly needs a little TLC, okay, a whole lotta TLC. It's in rough shape. We actually went back for this one today.

Treasure No. 2: A pedal car, again in need of some TLC. This is where I start talking about how I'm going to be looking for someone to do some restoration work. Or else, I'll be checking out some books on restoration. I'm always up for a little DIY adventure, but I am also ok with trusting a professional!

Up next, a gumball/candy machine. Not totally sure where this baby will end up, but it was definitely a steal!

Treasure No. 4: A child's desk. I've known that I always wanted a child's desk at some point. I absolutely fell in love with this one when I laid eyes on it. Since the owner was willing to do a deal (we were buying multiple pieces), I was able to bring it home with me. It needs to be repainted and the wood probably needs to be refinished, but it's such a cute piece!

And last but certainly not least, a vintage Radio Flyer scooter. In pretty good shape, minus the bent back wheel and missing training wheel. Definitely a fun find!

So that was our haul from Cottonwood! We have some projects ahead of us, but we are loving our treasures.