Friday, December 23, 2011

Spreadin' a little kitchen cheer

Guess who's majorly pooped tonight? That's right, this girl. Guess why??? The hubby and I painted our kitchen today! Wahooo!

Yes, two days before Christmas I decided to tape and paint our kitchen. Did I mention we are hosting Christmas day festivities? But when the productive bug bites, you gotta respond! So I did. About two weeks ago, I scored a great sunshine-y, yellow color of paint for $7.00! It's so happy and just makes me want to smile all the time. I love colors like that!

So, the wheels started turning... It's been no secret that I dislike the pink color my kitchen was and the tacky antiquing technique on all our cabinets. Oh, and the boring (with a capital B) cabinet pulls. After purchasing a paint color, I started considering all the possibilities for changing up the kitchen. Of course, it's Christmas season, I'm a teacher, and I'm frugal. So I wanted to make a big change for not a lot of change (See what I did there? I told you, I'm wiped out). I've always loved Anthropologie for it's classic, funky, vintage, eclectic, modern feel. They always have the cutest knobs and drawer pulls, so I started searching on their site...and I came across these beauties:

Aren't they adorable?! Plus, they were on sale. Down to $2.95 from $8.00. I only need 19 (20 once I replace the missing cabinet door), so $60 wouldn't be terrible to pay, but somehow I just couldn't bring myself to order them. This week, I got an email that Anthropologie was having an extra 50% off sale items, and my heart started to sing. Could it be that I could get the adorable knobs to outfit my entire kitchen for less than $30??? Oh, yes, yes it could be. I found 14 blue, 5 yellow, and 5 sage (really light green) colored knobs at an area Anthro. Oh, I was in love! I brought them home, cleared them with hubby, and got excited about starting on the kitchen.

So, with my husband getting the day off today, the great kitchen makeover of 2011 was born. And the kitchen is now painted. So, here's the to-do list for the rest of the kitchen:
  • remove all the cabinet doors
  • soak the hinges in stripper (they were painted over)
  • fill in one of the knob holes (the current knobs have two holes, the new ones have only one)
  • sand, prime, and paint the cabinets (they will be white)
  • install the new knobs
That's it. Think I can do it all in the next week before starting school again? Let's hope. Can't wait to show off the new kitchen once it's all done!


  1. Whoa! You are ambitious to try to fnish in a week, but I bet you can do it. =) Lord knows that white paint and new pulls were the BEST thing to happen to our kitchen. Make sure to take Before & After pics (and maybe some "progress" ones too!). =)

  2. You go girl! Love the vision for the kitchen makeover! The pulls are fabulous! Congrats on scoring such a deal! Keep up the good work!