Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kitchen Makeover


I'm pleased to introduce our new kitchen. Whew - it was definitely a push to get it done in a week, but it's done! Of course, I have to show you what I started with (or close to it - I always forget to take real before pictures).

Ready to sand
Other side before

Starting to see some progress

Seriously loving the choice of white at this point (and this is only after priming)


Other side after

The knobs! (I love them. Love. Love. Love.)

Here's how it all went down:
Last Friday, we painted the walls a lovely shade of sunshine yellow (read more here). Sunday evening and Monday - we worked on recovering our dining room chairs (nothing like throwing an extra project in the makeover). Tuesday, we started taking off the cabinet doors, detaching hinges and handles. (At this point, I was convinced none of this had ever been done prior to painting in our kitchen before.) Wednesday, I spent the entire day in the kitchen: taping plastic in the cabinets, sanding, priming, painting and painting some more. Last night while watching an IU basketball game with Jon I filled in a hole on each cabinet door (the new knobs only use one hole, the previous handles used two). Oh, and mopped up the (approximately) 14 gallons of water that spewed from the water line to the fridge. About 9:30pm, the hose broke off and water sprayed everywhere. My wonderful husband turned off the water to the house and to the fridge and helped me mop up the water. Thursday, sanded, primed, and painted cabinet doors and drawers. And the plumber came and fixed our fridge. Friday, finished stripping the hinges, spray painted them, and got everything put back together. Hooray!

So - what did it all cost?
Yellow paint - $7.00
Primer and white paint - free, we had it on hand
Painting supplies - $6.68
Stripper (to reuse the old hinges) - $5.47
Spray paint (to paint the hinges) - $5.84
Spackling (to fill in the cracks) - $1.68
New knobs - $31.29 (score!)
Grand Total: $51.28

*Note: I did buy new screws for the hinges (since the others had been painted over, they were a pain to get out and we ended up stripping a few), but that only adds another $7.00. Still under $60 for the whole shebang!

Here's one more look of the transformation. I love what a difference a few coats of paint can make!


  1. What a difference. Great job. - Lloyd

  2. WOW! I love it! Those pulls are pretty much the cutest thing ever. Great job! =)