Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fluffy and Thankful

I promise that an update is coming on another room in the house. But for now, I have two projects to share!

First up, the most amazing thing you will ever sink your teeth into. Sweet mother of all things light, fluffy and heavenly, it's homemade marshmallows! Let me start by saying, I'm definitely not wasn't a marshmallow person...until I made my own. It's kind of a process, and involves some waiting, but it's totally worth it! I promise!

I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, with a few slight modifications. 1) I don't own a metal baking pan, so I used glass. I sprayed it with cooking spray and the marshmallows came out super easy! 2) I don't own a candy thermometer, so I had to experiment with this part. I waited until the middle of the pan was starting to boil, and then continued with the recipe. They came out totally fine! 3) Rather than shake my marshmallows in the pan I had let them set in, I put the confectioners' sugar in a Ziploc baggie and shook them. So easy and definitely kept the mess in my kitchen to a minimum. 4) I didn't discard the trimmed edges, I threw them right in the bag to shake! I really don't need these to look a certain way, so the practical and frugal gal in me came out.

Final product = amazing! They even look like the ones from Smitten Kitchen (albeit the photography is a bit better in the latter). And taste = fabulous! I am pretty sure I just ruined store bought marshmallows for myself, even more than they already were.

Second, a thankful tree. Jon is convinced that I'm just trying to sneak a Christmas tree into the house early, but this definitely is not what our Christmas tree is going to look like.

I decopauged a terra cotta pot (from the dollar store) with some fabric I bought a few years ago. I loved the fabric, didn't have a project for it, but bought it just because I loved it. Once I saw these lovelies on Pinterest, I could totally envision a project of my own. 

I didn't really read the directions, just cut my fabric into strips, mixed equal parts glue and water, and went to work. About a fourth of the way in, I wasn't totally sure I was loving in, but I got through it, and love it in the end. My mom found a tree branch for me, I stripped the leaves, and bought some glass marbles and river rock at the dollar store to keep the branch upright. I used an old book and cardstock to make the tags. Every day, my husband and I are writing something we are thankful for and hanging it on the tree. At the end of the month, we'll go back and read them all.

It's been really neat so far to physically write out something I'm thankful for every day. It's a good reminder that even the little things matter. Like marshmallows, and finally cooler weather, and good coffee.