Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Home Tour - Living Room

Finally, I was able to get myself in gear and write up the next room. Seriously, it took me long enough. But without further ado, I present the challenge room, I mean living room. Overall, this room is great for its size, but the dimensions present a little bit of a challenge in the decorating realm. It's approximately 14 feet wide and 22 feet long. Originally, I think it was meant to be a combination living and dining room. Since Jon nor I wanted two eating areas, it will be all living room in our home.

A few things I love about this room:

  1. The floors - they are gorgeous
  2. All the natural light - between a skylight, big windows, and the entryway skylight, we don't have to turn lights on until it's dark outside
  3. The space - it lends itself to some really inventive furniture arrangements
A few things left to be desired about the room:
  1. The space - so far I'm challenged with exactly how to arrange this room (I'll explain more later)
The couches are from Craigslist (hooray Craigslist!), coffee table from a clearance center, the round side table came from Jon's house, the other two came from thrift stores, the two sitting chairs came from Goodwill, the rolling hostess cart from Goodwill, and the mini fridge was mine.

When we bought the couches, they had an atrocious and obnoxious set of pillows for the back cushions. I found some fabric at SAS that I loved, and my grandma agreed to re-cover the pillows for me. The toned down version fits our style much better.

Here is the view from the entry way. Yes, my living room is a mess in all these pictures, and I've decided I'm ok with that. I chose to go ahead and finally get this post up over waiting until I cleaned it completely.

The bar is quite possibly my favorite part of the room. It just fits so perfect and is such a great piece! Especially since it came from ReStore for only $21!

Part of my challenge with the room is the placement of the coffee table. I can't very well put it in the middle of the room, but then that leaves one couch or the other without access to it.

Another view of the bar.

From the far corner of the living room, the view to the front door.

Christmas tree :)

Living room leads into the dining room.

I've started looking at rugs for the living room to help define the space better. We are currently trying to decide whether we are keeping the chair pictured in the first picture (it came from Ikea, great deal, and I like where it is now), but I don't want the room to look to full.

Also, the yellow chairs will probably be replaced at some point. They aren't comfortable for long periods of time, and they have wheels, so we could have chair races across our living room right now. But, there's where the living room is right now. I really do like this room, and it's a very comfortable room. What else do you think would help define the space? Do you have any challenge rooms in your house? How have you handled them?

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