Monday, July 4, 2011

One month in

As of today, it's been a month since Jon and I got married. I can't really say since we said, "I do...." since well, we didn't actually say it. I'm sure by now, everyone knows that something goes wrong at every wedding. We were fortunate, thanks to the very diligent planning of our wedding coordinator (my mom wrote an ode to her here) and lots of hardworking individuals, there were approximately two things that didn't go according to plan. I can't really say they went wrong because I don't consider it that way. I think it's pretty funny, and it didn't stress me out or take away from our wedding celebration in any way.

First, hot sauce got added to the queso. We had a burrito bar for dinner. In the process of making queso (which sounds cooler than Velveeta and Rotel), two bottles of hot sauce got added to the mix. Ooops! I heard it was a little on the spicy side, but still delish.
Yum! Burritos!

Second, we didn't actually say, "I do...." That part got forgotten...probably in the excitement of adding the poem Jon wrote for me to the ceremony. Yes, Jon had our Pastor read the poem he wrote for me a few months back during the ceremony. It was a total surprise - a totally GREAT surprise!
We're still officially married - even without saying, "I do!"

So, what have I learned from being married for a month? A lot. Most important thing? I like my husband, a ton. Like, I really really really like him. He makes me laugh, smile, and enjoy life! I love my husband, and I love learning new things about him and having him by my side. Marriage is definitely an adventure...and an adjustment. Learning to live with another person has been interesting, but we like each other which totally helps! During premarital counseling, we were told that we should really like each other. Not just love, but really really like. I couldn't agree with this bit of advice more. It has been so important for Jon and I to like each other and to just enjoy spending time together. I can think all those little quirks that might otherwise get on my nerves are just plain cute because I really like him. I can make a lunch (and enjoy it) every day and remember to put in a treat because I like Jon. Jon can remember to lock the door (I might have a slight case of door locking neurosis) because he likes me. And in taking time to do those little things for each other, we know that we are loved as well.

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  1. Very sweet, fun to remember the day and very fun to celebrate with you two. Love you both. Mom and mom in law