Friday, July 1, 2011

Just in time for another weekend

Just in time to start another weekend, I thought maybe I should post updates from last weekend's projects. We started in the family room and eating area. You can see where the cabinets had been before they were taken down and out by Jon and his family.
And the other side (and my wonderful husband doing a share of the sanding)
So there was the business of spackling, sanding, chipping away at the glue residue, and me realizing we needed to add some texture back on the walls before we even got to the good stuff. I went to the paint store bright and early Saturday morning to start on this project. After Jon got up, we went to work taping...and taping...and taping some more. Then we started priming...and priming...and priming some more. We rewarded ourselves with a trip to Ikea after all the priming was done, which turned out to be a reward indeed! Saturday night while Jon was playing in a cornhole tournament (Midwest beanbag toss basically, pretty fun stuff!), I decided to start painting the color on the walls: a light grey ('Porpoise' to be exact). By the time Jon got home, I was nearly done with the entire area!
Then there was the business of the fireplace. Monday, I taped and primed the fireplace. It took almost all day, and I was exhausted at the end of the day! The next morning, I went to get the gallon of paint for the fireplace to discover that I had accidentally ordered an extra gallon of the wall color, and not actually ordered the fireplace color. So I went to Home Depot and found a color that I liked even better for the fireplace. And I started painting it after dinner Tuesday night...and that's as far as I got. I promise we aren't trying to be super modern and cool, I just haven't finished it. This fireplace is kicking my butt! I'm loving the color and I'm really excited to finish it (it's on this weekend's to do list), but it's HARD WORK.
I also painted the trim around the windows to match the freshly painted, crisp white baseboards. The pictures aren't great because of the time of day, but trust me, they look great! I'm hoping to get the trim around the door painted this weekend to match.
And lest you think the family room got all the attention, here's my husband's handiwork in the Indiana Room. As a proud Hoosier, my husband had to get a large IU logo on the wall. We ordered some vinyl tape to put the court lines on the floor this week, so the Indiana Room is coming along quite nicely as well.
I'll leave you with the IU fight song in honor of my husband, the Indiana Room, and of course, the Hoosiers.

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