Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fireplace Finale - and shower curtain surprises!

Well after a week, it's done! Hooray - the fireplace is finished and it looks great! It's a great shade of grey, called Anonymous. If you are thinking about painting anything block or brick, be prepared it will take much longer than you anticipate and you will be much more sore than you ever thought possible.
The fireplace grate was previously black with gold handles. With the magic of high heat spray paint, it's now white and contrasts nicely with the fireplace. I used high heat spray paint so it can stand up to the heat of all the fires we'll have in our fireplace...or not. I am still thinking through the actual function of the fireplace. There are a couple candles in there now (from the previous owners) and a whole lot of ash. Next time I'm feeling super adventurous, I'll get out the shopvac and clean that out. Until then, the fireplace cover can hide that mess.

I also finished the fireplace cushions. I only got enough fabric for 3 cushions, even though I bought 4 pillows. As I was making the cushions, I had the brilliant idea of making a shower curtain for our hall bathroom with the same fabric. (Plus that would allow me to get a little extra to make the fourth fireplace cushion.)
Close up of the fabric

After hunting around in the red tag fabrics, (and nearly panicking thinking someone had bought the rest of the fabric) I fount it! And it was still an extra 50% off. This morning, I made my shower curtains, extra long shower curtains. The tile in the hall bath goes higher than usual, and the tension rod was situated above the tile. Rather than simply move it down, I kind of liked the idea of adding drama by having an extra long shower curtain.
There are still plenty of projects to last me the rest of the summer, but I'm feeling accomplished and the house is looking quite lovely!


  1. Nice, you could always put a bunch of candles in an arrangement in the fireplace-less chance of scorching.

  2. Love the fabric. I bet the fabric looks fabo in the bathroom. Can't wait to see it. Mom