Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Plans!

I'm fairly certain I've declared my love of lists before, but just in case: I love lists! And I'm ambitious, once in a while, it's a fault. But mostly, it drives me to want to complete lots of projects in a smallish time frame. This weekend is no different.

First on the list is the family room. When we moved in, large oak cabinets covered the better part of two walls. I don't have a picture handy, so use your imagination. They surrounded our fireplace and the adjacent wall. We are guessing they had a collection of some sort or else really like showcasing their entertainment (due to the track lighting along the ceiling about 6 inches from the wall). Immediately, Jon and I wanted the cabinets to come down. Then I decided maybe I liked them, they did offer a fair amount of storage after all. And then I changed my mind again, I wanted them down. Before I could change my mind again, my in-laws took them out. I walked in the door to find Jon's brother on top of the cabinets helping their dad take the cabinets down and out. And now the cabinets are down. So painting is a must. My husband is currently sanding the spackled spots (more of the necessity of this in a later post). Tomorrow I'll spray texture on the walls where the cabinets ripped the drywall away. Then priming and painting!

Next on the list, the Indiana Room. Being the wonderful wife that I am, I graciously agreed to let my husband have an Indiana Room for all his IU and Colts memorabilia. Truth be told, I'm about as excited about this room as he is. The walls have been painted, with help from my fabulous best friend, Stephanie. While Jon's parents were here the week before the wedding, his mom laid the wood floor in the room, and it looks fabulous! This weekend, we'll be hanging a shelf, painting an IU logo on the wall, and mounting a TV if all goes as planned. Next step in that room is to paint the court lines of Assembly Hall on the floor, and me making the NCAA Championship banners for the curtains.

Third, if I'm lucky, we'll get to hit some garage sales and estate sales. Even though it's heating up quite nicely (read: getting hotter than heck!), there are a plethora of garage sale signs out. I'm looking for a neat piece for DVD/game storage and a cool piece for in our guest bathroom. I'll be sure to share our painting experience since it will involve painting a fireplace too. I'm super excited to see it all come together!

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