Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A trip to the fabric store

Weekend plans are coming along...I'm hoping to have an update with pictures to post later today. In the meantime, I'll tell you about my very successful trip to the fabric store last night.

JoAnn's can be a frustrating place for me. On one hand, I love all the different fabrics. On the other, sometimes I get lost in the amount of fabric. Sometimes, there's just too much stuff in their store. Last night, Jon and I set out to pick up some more stars and stripes fabric. Over the weekend, I made 6 napkins to go inside baskets for cookie deliveries for his company. Turns out they were well liked, and the owner wants four more. I'll be making the rest today, and I'll post pictures as soon as I'm done.

We also ventured to look at fabric for our new lounge chairs. Back story: Saturday, Jon and I went to Ikea (in the middle of our epic painting event) to pick up the cover for the chaise part of our couch. We always walk through As-Is furniture (just in case, you know). Jon looked at me and pointed to somewhere behind me. As I turned around, I spotted the lounge chairs we had been longing for...and they were 40% off...and they were already put together! I'm convinced buying As-Is furniture is almost worth paying more since it's already put together. I have quite a few projects around the house for now and not putting together a new piece of furniture sounds quite lovely, thank you. So Jon and I left with big smiles on our faces, managed to fit both chairs in his car, and set off towards home. Yes, we did find the cover we originally went for, it had been very elusive on our previous visits over the past few months. But finally, SUCCESS! After deciding we would like cushions for our new lounge chairs, I decided I could make them. Yes, I like to be crafty and ambitious! I spotted some outdoor living fabric in the Red Tag section that I liked. And Jon concurred, it would work. :) Then I saw all Red Tag fabric was an additional 50% off! WAHHOOO! That made the fabric for our lounge chair cushions only $3 a yard, and made me a very happy lady.

While at JoAnn's, we also found some home dec fabric in the Red Tag section to make floor cushions/fireplace cushions. Sometimes when we have people over, they end up sitting on our fireplace, and to make it a little more comfy, we decided we should have cushions. So another project for the summer will be making the fireplace cushions!

Back to painting the fireplace this morning and really hoping I can finish it today!

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  1. You are so ambitious. I love hearing about your projects. Thanks for sharing. Love you