Thursday, June 30, 2011

Antiquing - very thriftily

While the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer are simultaneously running in the background, I'm taking a quick moment to blog about today's adventures. Mom and I took some time to go antiquing (am I making up words again?). It's always an adventure and loads of fun whenever my mom and I do anything together. And today was no different! I started the morning by making my "looking list" - that list of items for which I am currently hunting. What was on my looking list you ask? I'll tell you!
  • Some metal baskets, vintage style - I'm thinking these will be great for storing DVD and PS3 under my coffee table. I'm also thinking about getting a couple for the bookcase I'm using as a vanity.
  • Globes for two milkglass lamps I have - these will be going in my craft room
  • A side table or wooden crate - again for the craft room. I already have a chair in there, and this will be a great little reading (or blogging) spot when I find a table to go next to the chair and globes so I can have light.
After 8 or so stops, getting in and out of the hot car and nearly getting m
y toe stabbed by a metal bird cutout (I made that sound way more dramatic than it actually
was), I walked away with some great finds. Although none of them were on my looking list, I'm very pleased!

First up, this adorable vintage hamper. I'm not a fan of the avocado green color (which I'm sure my husband finds shocking), but it has these cute little daisies on the lid and the front. With a good cleaning and a coat (or two) or paint, it will be great as a trash can in the craft room. It was actually in the bathroom of a store we stopped at (Charlie's House on 7th Ave. next to Qcumberz), and it begged to come home with me.

Next up, this great metal "b" from Modern Manor. Jon and I went to Modern Manor on Sunday, and quite frankly the prices scared me. But with the 20% off Fourth of July sale, I was brave enough to venture back in with my mom. They have a whole room of metal letters - different sizes, styles, and colors! And, I brought home this treasure with me. The little wheels in my mind are spinning with where to put this beauty. The front runner currently is in the backyard once I create my garden area. But of course, as I wander through our house, I'm sure other ideas will come into my head.

I also managed to find the metal part to fit on these lamps (that I already had). I made lampshades this week using this tutorial. It was a pretty easy project, but be forewarned adhesive spray never stays exactly where you want it to!

And those are the adventures of the day. Not bad for a Thursday!

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  1. Great finds! I'm going to have to visit some of these places =)