Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Owl Love You Forever

Pardon the totally corny title for a minute, but allow me to indulge myself in my obsession with owls. Like this totally adorable lunch bag - which happens to hold my lunch on a daily basis...

From Amazon

Or this super cute guy to hold yummy cookies...

From Anthropologie

Unfortunately, Jon doesn't share my utter obsession and love of owls. He says the winking owl is a little creepy. I reminded him that the owl will hold homemade cookies, and I think we have come to an understanding about the owl now.

And I was completely smitten when I spotted this table lamp on West Elm's website. Can you say ah-dor-da-ble?! I've already told Jon he doesn't have to worry I won't try to bring this guy home with me one day.

I can't quite place where my love of owls sprouted, but I believe it was the day I received my great-grandmother's owl pendant. It's about 4" tall, gold, somewhat filigree style, and completely vintage fabulous. From that day forward, I've started noticing owls wherever I go and I oooh and ahhhh with a big smile on my face whenever I see one.

See? Even the real ones are cute too!

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