Monday, April 4, 2011

Current Favorite: Rope Bed

I tend to get stuck on one design element that I absolutely love. Then I look for ways to make it happen and a place to put it. I can totally see it in my mind where it will go and how it will be functional. My current favorite is a rope bed. I'm not sure what they are really called, but that's what I named it. Here it is:

Don't you just LOVE it?! It makes me just want to curl up with an excellent book and a cup of coffee (though I'm not sure how well a hot liquid and a moving bed would work for me). About a year ago, I saw a picture of one in an issue of Phoenix Home and Garden. I turned down the page then, and as I've recently started looking back through home magazines I came across it again. I just love how relaxed and chill it looks.

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