Friday, March 18, 2011

February Flew By

Well, February is over...and without so much as a blog post to show for it. Although, I must say it's not as if I've been sitting idly and twiddling my thumbs. With the wedding only 78 days away now, Jon and I have also been looking for a home. There are so many options available right now and with prices so low, it is a great time to be looking.

I've always dreamed about my first house. What it will look like, the floorplan, the kitchen (my favorite thing to dream about), and all of the wonderful memories that will be made at the house. I am an idealist, an optimist, and a dreamer. Each time I look at a house, I see what furniture can go where, the possibility of knocking down this wall, the sun shining in as I cook dinner in the kitchen. This can be a great quality. It means I can look past the cosmetics of a house and truly see its potential. But it can also be a not so great quality. It means I can overlook potential flaws or get wrapped up in possibility and not see the cost of achieving my dream. Overall, house hunting has been an amazing adventure. Jon and I have learned more about each other and are learning how to better communicate and love each other through this process. It's also been an entertaining process, and while I'm sure I can never top Jon's house hunting story (you'll have to ask him about that one), here are a few stories from our adventure.

One: the never ending house. Jon and I found a great deal on a foreclosure in Tempe, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, with a sounded great! Then we went inside. At some point, a coat closet had been built in the living room, taking out a giant chunk of the living room. To one side of the kitchen, a den with a fireplace had been added. At this point, I looked down and saw the dead cockroach...and my hopes for the house diminished. Just to be on the safe side, we explored a little further. Behind the kitchen another room and bathroom had been built, and off the additional living space shall I describe it...a mail sorting facility? One wall had cubies all along it...either the mail sorting facility for the house or an extra shoe closet. Either way, it was just too weird! We breezed through the rest of the house and knew it was not for us, no matter how great of a deal it was!

Two: the 4 front door house. Another greatly priced home in Tempe that held lots of potential based on the pictures. We drove up and started counting the front, two, three...oh and on the other side, four. Getting in was a challenge, as there was no lock box, but rather an electronic keypad on the door. Our realtor double checked the MLS listing and found the code, so we cautiously punched it in and the door unlocked. No doorknob, just the keypad. So we somewhat timidly pushed the door open and walked in. After looking at the house and deciding it wasn't for us, we attempted to leave. Leaving requires shutting and locking a door...only one problem, this door didn't have a doorknob to pull it shut. After Jon figured out how to grasp the door with his finger tips grabbing on to the slight grooves of the door, the realtor quickly hit the lock button the keypad without pushing the door back open, and we quickly walked away.

Three: couldn't even make it past the front door house. I'm quickly learning two things during this house search. One - pictures can be deceiving. Two - if the house is priced to sell, there is probably a reason. With this house, there definitely was. Jon and I had seen the pictures of this house on our MLS search and we both had been intrigued by it. It was super open, possibly too open, but an open floorplan is something I really want. It seemed decently move-in ready, and it was priced to sell. So we decided to look at it. The realtor opened the house up and walked in, Jon followed her, then I started to walk in. BAM! A wave of the worst possible smell hit me and I couldn't go any further. I let out a small guttural cry, Jon took one look at me, knew I was done, and I just walked back out.

This process has been lots of fun, excitement, hope, scrambling, and yes, some disappointment and frustration. I am so excited to be on this journey though, and am hopeful that soon I will have some joyful news to share.