Sunday, January 23, 2011

Resolution Update

So - how am I doing on the resolutions? Not great. Let's be honest, getting engaged and moving up to practically full time teaching combined take a lot of time. Number of recipes I've cooked in the last month (not counting Fresh and Easy microwave meals): 2. The first was banana bread for Missional Community, and the second was flatbread pizza for Jon and I one night before MC. (A missional community is basically a group of people who live close to each other who live life together. It's through our church, Redemption. We get together on a regular basis, eat delicious snacks, and study the Bible together.) However, I will not be deterred from my cooking resolution. No matter how tired I am or how little time I think I have, I will find a way to crack open the cookbooks I already own.

And the stress resolution? Umm, I'm doing a pretty good job I'd say. Considering that the number of things demanding my time has increased drastically and I'm still smiling and laughing and loving life, then I'd say that I'm dealing with stress pretty well. I have decided not to attend certain events in order to avoid causing myself more stress. So I think if nothing else, resolving to stress less is going to cause me to be more intentional about how I do choose to spend my time.

And the blogging resolution? Great! This is my fourth blog in January, so I've met and exceeded my goal! Considering that in all, I've blogged 7 times now this month (Jon and I have a wedding website which includes a blog,, I'm feeling pretty good about this resolution.

January has been a productive way to start 2011! Let's keep this productivity train rollin' on in to February and beyond!

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