Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's (Resolutions?)

I am a list person. I am a goal person. It makes sense that I would be a resolution person. And I guess I am. While I'm not sure I like the label of "resolutions," I do like looking at the year past and setting some goals for myself for the year to come. So as this new year is barely a week old, I've done some thinking and decided to share my resolutions.

First, I want to blog more. Once a week seems a little daunting, and every other week seems too lackadaisical. So I'm going to aim for 3 times a month. 36 times in the year 2011, I'm going to write and publish a blog. I find that blogging has been a great way to document my first year of teaching, craft projects I complete and other life happenings. I enjoy it, and it's a good way to express myself. Therefore, I'm going to do it more.

Second, I'm going to stress less. I can't say I'm going to have fewer potentially stressful situations in 2011, but I'm going to make a conscious decision to confront potentially stressful situations with a deep breath and an attitude of patience. I'm starting to realize I don't accomplish anything by getting stressed except for maybe lashing out at the people closest to me.

Third, I'm going to make a meal from a cookbook I own at least once a week. I have some amazing cookbooks, and some great vintage ones especially. (I feel a blog tour of my cookbook collection coming on, stay tuned!) Therefore at least once a week, I'm going to get more acquainted with my collection of fabulous cookbooks.

Done. Yes, just three. I don't plan on overwhelming myself (see resolution #2) with my resolutions, but I do enjoy the process of reflection and dreaming that making resolutions involves. Here we go, 2011!


  1. Good reminder that I usually have penned my resolutions by now. I am a bit behind this year. I'll look forward to reading your reflections on 2011 in your 36 blogs. love you

  2. I have a Joy of Cooking cookbook from 1960s that has a handwritten note from mother to engaged daughter that is very neat. I also have a Congressional Club cook book that is very cool. I'm sure I'll be blogging about all of them very soon.