Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010, It's been great!

I can safely say 2010 has been one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) years of my life. I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am in my life and am loving every moment of this adventure!

In May, I graduated college. what an accomplishment! Four years, countless papers, many books (I can't even calculate the costs, it would be too disheartening), and lots of hard work. But I did it! I can't even describe the feelings I felt knowing that somehow I'd made it through and still had my mind, despite my advisor's warnings. I look back now and wonder how in the world I handled so much at one time. My last semester, I had a total of 22 credit hours, 18 at ASU and 4 at Rio Salado. Nuts?! Absolutely! My advisor warned me she had a previous student who had gone insane and totally stopped speaking after trying to take on too much. Insane, schminsane is what I said. I knew I had to finish by May since my scholarship was over in 4 years, and I definitely did not want any more loans than I absolutely had to take. But I did it. With lots of support and encouragement, I walked across those 3 stages (in 2 days) with the greatest sense of accomplishment I've known. I feel blessed to have such a great work ethic that propelled me forward even when I wanted to give up. I feel blessed that I have a desire to learn and constantly know more.

In July, I started dating Jon. My mom and I had gone to dinner on June 23rd (don't worry, I don't have this memorized, I just checked Facebook) to Burrito Company. After which, I updated my Facebook status to: "Mmmm...burrito company! Best tortillas ever!" Jon texted me somewhat out of the blue challenging me on my love of Burrito Co. tortillas and informing me he thought Panchero's tortillas were superior. So we decided we needed to do a taste test. The first Thursday of July we went to Burrito Co. The next week (I think it was Tuesday) we went to Panchero's. Neither of us has thrown in the towel yet and we are both still convinced our place is better, but that was how it all started! I was amazed how easily conversation came with Jon. Jon has a great sense of humor (even if we do disagree on movies), kind (he left flowers on my car after church the first week we were dating), encouraging (he leaves me notes telling me why he likes me), and many other qualities I absolutely adore!

In August, I started teaching (you can read the whole story here). I feel so blessed with how the whole situation worked out, and I absolutely love what I do and the people I work with. I have such a great supportive and encouraging staff to work with and my students are wonderful. I look forward to teaching for many, many years.

In October, I got to go with Jon back to Indiana to meet his family and some of his friends. It was a great trip and I loved it! The weather was gorgeous, the trees were changing, it was definitely fall!

2010 has been good to me. On Thanksgiving this year, surrounded by my family (including Jon), I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for where I am in my life. Sure, 2010 has had struggles as well, but when I look back, I feel so thankful for everything that has happened and brought me to where I am today. I can't wait to see 2011 unfold and all of the wonderful things in store!

Happy New Year!


  1. So happy for your great year! You are amazing! Loofa! Aunt Sondra xo

  2. Yes, Yes, it was a great year for all the reasons you stated and the fact that I am privileged to witness first hand to your amazingness. Love you, mom.