Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 Ways I Know I'm Turning Into My Mother

I suppose the real title of this post should be "10 Ways I Know I'm Turning into My Mother, and how I'm really ok with that." I love my mom and in light of her birthday and me realizing some of my behaviors mirror hers, I thought it fitting to honor her and humor us all with this list.

10. I really dislike talking on the phone unless absolutely necessary. I would much rather send an email or text and have it done that much quicker - or get together in person if it's a long discussion. Plus I really hate having the phone pressed up against my ear for long periods of time.

9. I take a sweater into the doctor's office in the middle of summer because I'm afraid I might get cold. True story, I did it just last week.

8. I run back to check the door multiple times because I'm afraid I haven't locked it. I have made countless trips back to my mom's office with her at all hours of the night "just so she can check the door."

7. I walk up the stairs to get something...and I can't remember what it was by the time I get to the top of the stairs.

6. I love adventures. Especially those that involve deciding to randomly go thrifting in Sun City!

5. I laugh...a lot...and at random things. My mom and I both love to laugh...put us together and we may not get anything done because we laugh so much when we are together.

4. Per number 9, I know it won't be long before I start taking a pair of socks to the movie theater. Sometimes being comfortable really does win out.

3. "I'm going to read" means "I'm going to read for a few minutes before taking a nap."

2. I love the drill...make that any power tool.

1. I celebrate my birthday for an entire month, which works out perfect because my birthday month ends, just as my mom's begins!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I am so proud and blessed to call you my mom!


  1. You are such a sweetie! I am so happy I get to be your mom. Love you bunches!

  2. This is such a sweet tribute from a great gal to a wonderful woman. Love you both, K

  3. Amen to K! How beautiful that a daughter can cherish her mother and desire lots of time together; I can't think of a greater gift. And what treasure for a Mom's heart to have this tribute given at such a young age; another great gift, of the heart, for all time. May you both be blessed and encouraged and daily thankful for your closeness! Cindy

  4. Awwwwwwwww! And you both loved cycle, too, right??? :)


  5. this made me laugh. Good to hear your admitting you are like her. I refuse to admit