Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Like Martha

I want to be like Martha. No, not the whole insider trading and ankle accessory thing.

No, I aspire to be the homemaker, cook, crafter, businesswoman and creator Martha Stewart is. Martha represents both a challenge and a goal for me. Sometimes she seems so gosh darn perfect, I just want to say, "Whatever Martha." (Oh wait, someone already has!)

The first thing I look at when I open a fresh issue of Martha Stewart Living is Martha's Calendar. I love the organization and simplicity of Martha's daily to do list. And yet there is an amazing ambitious quality to her to do lists. For example, harvesting new potatoes, planning when to plant her basil so it's ready in time for her tomato crop, inspecting beehives and harvesting her own honey. It inspires me, that although as of yet every plant I've attempted to garden has died a slow painful death, I too might one day be planning my basil crops with my tomato crops. I know what you're thinking....Martha Stewart probably doesn't do these things herself, she hires them to be done. But I choose to believe Martha not only can do all of these task, but that she does.

I admire the way Martha has turned her name and her humble beginnings into a multi-billion dollar corporation. She has expanded her line to include linens and cookware at Macy's; she publishes Whole Living Magazine (formerly Body + Soul), Everyday Food, and I'm sure others that I don't know of. She has a TV show, which is being expanded on Lifetime (I think that's what I heard). She manages a farm. And yet she still takes the time to make her bread from scratch. Amazing! What I want to know is...how early does she get up in the morning to get all of this done? And I suppose it helps her cause that she doesn't have to deal with 110 degree heat for 4 months ouf of the year.

Today is a perfect example of my aspirations to be like Martha. I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (more like drug my sleepy self out of bed) at 6:00am ready to take on the day. I had a whole laundry list of things I wanted to get done: clean up the kitchen, write thank you notes, take mail to the post office, exchange movie at Blockbuster, paint a frame for my bathroom mirror, organize my file cabinet, hose off the back porch, water the flowers and deadhead them, and make a dress (if there is time). If I'm honest with myself, I probably won't get everything checked off my list since my day is already more than half over. But I had the ambition part down, and I'd like to think that makes me a little like Martha. ;)

So tomorrow, I'll wake up and again attempt to execute the secrets of a good housekeeper, cook, creator, and businesswoman.

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  1. Martha oozes inspiration! You picked a good role model plus it helps that you've got Grandma Ruby's gene for getting stuff accomplished. thanks for sharing!