Saturday, June 19, 2010

Field of Flowers

I couldn't blog about this project until it had been given to it's intended recipient, but now that it has, I can't wait to show this one off! I made a dress out of an adorable pillow case! I loved the pattern and bought the pillow case with the intention of who knows what. In my spur of recent productivity and desire to get things done, I set out to use up some of the fabric stash I've accumulated!

I knew I wanted to make a dress for a certain little girl and I knew the style I wanted it to have, so I started cutting. I basically cut the pillow case in half, set aside the opening half and ripped out all the seams in the second half. I cut 2 matching rectangles and sewed them together up the sides, leaving 5 inches for arm holes. Then I hemmed the bottom and finished the sides and turned down the front and back leaving enough space to get a cord through (I think I left about an inch). I wasn't totally sure whether I wanted to smock the waist or put pockets on (I thought both might be a little much for the dress). After I put the cord through the top and saw it, I decided pockets was the way to go!

So I fashioned my own little pocket pattern, cut the pockets and positioned them, sewed them one and got one totally adorable dress!
And of course, I have to thank my loveable sewing partner, Precious...actually she was in one of those moods where she didn't want my attention going to anything or anyone but her. So we had to take a little play break with the extra cord!

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