Sunday, January 3, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions

I, like my mom, enjoy making New Year's Resolutions. You can read her take on it here. However, I am a very driven person, so I tend to be very commited to them. I'm not overwhelming myself this year with a laundry list of to-do items. Rather, I am seeking ways to improve my life and do things I enjoy.

  1. Bake more. Seriously, I realized how much I love it! And there are so many sources of great inspiration, that I have no excuses! I got a cupcake book/decorating kit for Christmas and a book entitled Cakes Galore, which will provide plenty of recipes. This week, I'm planning to make my own rolls to serve with potato soup (taking to an event), an apple pie, and a loaf of bread for at home.
  2. Finish crafting/sewing/knitting/crocheting/upholstering projects in a timely matter. I did not define a timeline on purpose. Each project is different, so it will take a different amount of focus and work. For example, finishing a knitted scarf will take far less time than figuring out how to make my vintage record/radio cabinet work again. I have plenty of materials, which need to be organized, and plenty of ideas, so now I just need to get some projects done!
  3. Use my blog to chronicle my adventures in baking and crafting. Sometimes things turn out like I intend and sometimes they don't. Either way, it will make for an entertaining read for you all. And it will be a chance for me to laugh at myself! Maybe I will have to share my potato soup recipe or my pumpkin puff mini pies one of these days!
  4. Run a 5k. My mom and I did it a couple years ago, and it felt wonderful! I bought running shoes a couple months ago, and unfortunately, I have not taken them out of the box yet. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has a favorite cause that will be hosting a 5k run.
  5. Oh, and the obvious one: graduate!

Looking forward to a year of inspiration and doing things I love, meanwhile sharing it all!

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