Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Finally...An update!

Well, I know it has been a while, but here it is! The long awaited update! It has been a busy summer so far, so I may need to break this into a few posts, but I will get everything up here!

I'm taking two summer classes through Rio Salado, and they are going well. I'm taking ENH241, Literature of the US before 1860, and SPA102. Although it has taken me some time, I am settled into the classes and working on them throughout the week rather than all on the day assignments are due. :) Speaking of classes, I'm meeting with my ASU adviser today to officially declare a second minor, Women and Gender Studies.

I've also been busy scouring Savers, Goodwill and any other resale shop I find for whatever bargains come my way! Some of my favorite finds:
  • bags of ties (average 8) - scored them on Monday at Savers for a dollar a bag! I ended up with 31 ties for $4.00 (32 if you count the clip-on tie in one of them)
  • brand new skirt from Urban Outfitters - also picked it up on Monday for a dollar! It still had the tags on it from Urban Outfitters, retail $38.00
  • wooden chair - got it for a dollar at Goodwill one Thursday. Structurally it was in pretty good shape, except for the foam in the chair pad. I have recovered a couple chairs with napkins that I found at Savers for 2.00 for 4. I will post pictures of the chairs soon.
  • Men's dress shirts - I pretty much refuse to pay more than a dollar for them, since Dollar day at Savers is Monday and at Goodwill it's Thursday.
  • Twin headboard and foot board - one dollar at Goodwill! It's wooden and in great shape, and it only cost a dollar!
  • J. Crew jeans - 6 dollars at My Sister's Closet!

I've had so much fun searching racks and racks for that perfect bargain! I think part of the fun has come from seeing a great piece or fabric and knowing the potential it has! So in honor of bargain shopping, here are my tips for scoring a great deal!

  1. Go regularly! Saver's and Goodwill are systematic about what tags are a dollar on any given week. If you see a great piece one week, you can figure out when it will be on sale. Goodwill also has 50% off the entire store every other week. Also, you will get to know the cashiers and there will be a friendly, helpful face amongst the madness!
  2. Be patient! There will be lots of people, there will be screaming kids, and you will probably get run into at least twice. Know this going in, and prepare yourself to deal with it.
  3. Browse craft/home decorating websites and magazines to see the raw materials for a project you would like to try. That way if you see something that could work, you already know how you will use it! This is a good strategy for clothing as well. (if you need a list of craft websites, there are some on the left hand side of the blog - the library is also a good source of crafty books)
  4. Inspect pieces thoroughly - often little rips can be repaired and furniture can be cleaned up, but you want to know what you are getting yourself into. Also, I know for a fact Goodwill and Savers both have return policies. I don't know the details, so I would hate to spread false information, but check them out so you know whether you have a back up.
  5. Look through the jewelry counters - a lot of times you can find a great piece that you can tailor to fit your tastes. For example, I found a pair of earrings Monday that I loved the dangly part of, but I wouldn't wear them as earrings. I can take that part off and make 2 custom necklaces!

Happy thrifting everyone!