Wednesday, May 13, 2009

School's end and other updates

Well it's been a while, since I updated, but lots of things have been happening! I started moving home last Thursday after my 7:30 am final (YUCK!). It's been pretty warm and very sunny here, so I was very tired each night. I tried to do as much as I could in my car, and borrowed my grandparents van once. It took me Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (with mom's help), but it got done! I've taken over my mom's house and everything (with the exception of what's at my grandparents) is back home. The first night I spent at home was last Thursday, and it was nice to be home. I got up and made pancakes Friday morning, and it was so much fun to be able to do something like that!

I had my last two finals on Monday, but only had to take one! I got to my Shakespeare final, and she announced that if we were happy with our grade we could get up and leave and wouldn't have to take the final. That was actually the one class I was really pleased with, so I took my grade and left! It gave me extra time to check out of my room, which went smooth, and then to study for my Spanish test. I took the Spanish final Monday night and kicked it in the butt! I'm officially going to be a! It seems like time has flown. Well, it kind of has! :) I have two classes (at least) to take this summer and I will be completely on track then to graduate in May 2010. As of now, I'm considering studying abroad next Spring, and I need to start investigating that possibility! It would be a truly exceptional experience. Everyone I've talked to is very excited about that, and everyone who's done it never regrets it.

With moving home and finals, I haven't run since last Wednesday. I need to get back in a routine, but it will come.

Mom and I will be attending ASU commencement today! I am so excited to hear Obama and excited about this opportunity for ASU. I believe this is the first time a sitting President will ever speak at a graduation ceremony at ASU! I will definitely share an update tomorrow!

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