Sunday, May 3, 2009

Freeze Frame

Sunday, I took a break from homework and studying for finals to have a cup of coffee and eat a muffin, so I decided to start watching Fried Green Tomatoes which I rented from Blockbuster. When it was time to get back to work, I paused the movie. When I looked at the frozen frame, it didn't represent the movie well at all. It looked like one character was trying to take a bite out of another's shoulder. In reality, the scene was a surprise party! The scene was filled with smiles and laughs. However, just looking at the frozen frame wouldn't have represented the scene or the whole movie well at all. It's the same with life. Individual frames of our life may seem unpleasant or crazy or just plain bad. But those individual moments contribute to an entire life. Things aren't bad forever; wait for the next frame.

At the same time, a movie wouldn't be any good if it were entirely happy-go-lucky either. It would have no plot, and probably not even make it past production. The same is true of life, each and every moment of life, good or bad, contributes to our movie. It adds interest, knowledge, and contributes to the entire story. So take the good moments and the bad moments in stride, knowing they are adding to one wonderful movie!

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