Monday, April 20, 2009

Top Ten Freshmen Year Survival Tips

As the year is coming to a close, I'd like to offer my top ten college freshmen survival tips. Not only have I survived a freshmen year, but I've also worked for two years with freshmen.

10. If you live on campus, get to know your Resident Assistant (at ASU Community Assistant) and any other staff on your floor.

9. If you live at home or off campus, investigate the resources available to commuter students (at ASU, here's the website).

8. Think of a few of your interests and search for a club along the lines of one or more of your interests.

7. If you are tired, go to sleep. I promise you will do much better work if you aren't completely sleep deprived. (I must give credit to one of the Peer Mentors I oversaw this year for this insightful advice; it's pure genius!)

6. Don't procrastinate, so you don't have to stay up all night before the assignment is due. I am just as guilty of this as anyone else. I promise your life will be so much easier if you start the assignment early.

5. Go to class. It sounds trivial, but you really will do much better if you go to class and pay attention.

4. While in class, don't email, im, facebook, watch sports, play games, etc. It's tempting, yes, but all the people sitting behind you will thank you if your computer screen isn't distracting them too.

3. Keep looking for scholarships throughout school. Sometimes there are scholarships specifically for upperclassmen; sometimes scholarships are available through your department. It pays to check out where the money is!

2. Go to your professor's office hours, at least once during the semester. With the impending budget cuts, class sizes are again increasing (didn't know they could get any bigger). You will thank yourself if you get to know your professors a little bit. They can provide help on upcoming papers, study suggestions for tests, and potentially letters of recommendation.

1. HAVE FUN! Most importantly, remember to relax and take a little time for yourself. College should be fun; it's kind of a transition between childhood and the real world. Take advantage of having this time!

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