Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Favorite Day

I realized yesterday that Saturdays are by far, my favorite days of the week. It's not just because I don't have school those days, or any of the typical reasons. It's because I get to spend time with my family on those days. My grandparents spend half the year in Kansas (their home) and half the year in Arizona. We have started a tradition of meeting for a meal every Saturday they are here. Of course, I often see them throughout the week, but Saturdays are the special days devoted to that meal with my grandparents. It's come to be one of the things I most look forward to during my week.

Yesterday for example, I was up early and got my oil changed (a big accomplishment). So I dropped by my mom's house and asked her if we should call grandma and grandpa to meet for breakfast. We did and it was wonderful! I showed my grandma a clutch I had crocheted, and she just marveled and oohed and aahed. My heart swelled because I could see that my grandma was proud of me. She also had show and tell! She has gotten heavily into beading, and made bracelets for my mom and I. It's so special to wear something and get a compliment on it and say, "Thanks, my grandma made it for me!" After breakfast, my mom, grandma, and I went downtown Mesa. For anyone looking for a neat outing, this would be one! As we perused a few stores and gawked at the unlimited options of yarn in The Fiber Factory, we had the most fun! After downtown, we went a couple other craft places and it was nearly 1:30pm before we went to drop my grandma off at her house. We were all hungry again, and so we had lunch with my grandparents! It was such a treat to get to spend so much time with them and just be able to enjoy the time.

My grandparents know so much about life, about my family, and about our ancestry. I am so lucky to have them close for half of the year, and to be able to email and call them the other half. I feel blessed by the love and knowledge they pour into my life.

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