Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Almost every Tuesday night at 7:00pm, you can find me in front of the TV watching The Biggest Loser (link to the show). I've never really been a faithful watcher before, but this season I got hooked! And every week, without fail, I tear up at some point during the show. One week, it was watching Mike go back and help his dad, Ron, to finish the challenge. One week, it was watching Mike donate his prize (a year's worth of free groceries) to Mandy, a mother of four or five. Through the weeks, I've seen this show bring out the best in people as I watch their lives being changed. This week, I watched Tara fit into a little black dress she had bought in London hoping to fit into someday. It was amazing to see how far she's come from her first day on the ranch. In 16 weeks, these people have all lost over 100 pounds! Yes they had access to world-class trainers and didn't have the concerns of work or family weighing them down, but that's remarkable! They have run a half marathon, and will be running a full marathon this week! That is truly inspirational to me.

After this week's show, I got to thinking, if they can do it, what's stopping me from being my healthiest? It was amazing to see the improvements in their health after 16 weeks. I came to the declaration Tuesday night that I'm going to start running again. It's amazing how much better I feel when I'm working out and eating like I should! I will be working from the Couch to 5K plan. Feel free to join me and comment with your progress!

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